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A site becomes significant when it becomes a scene of something else

“A” Swimming Pool”s” in

Hyde Park

What makes a space luxurious?



- everybody wants a piece.

On an infinite river, you reach the pool enclosed by a strand of plastic white bubbles.

It did not take a long time before someone else brought out their own customized strand of plastic blue bubbles, then there is a private pool. Before you know it, there is no more river, what you can see is a strand of swimming pools, they have all kinds of shapes, square, circle, star, triangle...

People who got a pool in time would show off their new possession; the ones who were behind, out of jealousy, started to rent pools from others. Soon, the pool renting business became the fastest way to earn cash; you can rent the whole pool, the half pool, quadrant pool…

People soon lost their interest when a new trend came up.

You reach a river of plastic bubbles.