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HOME away from HOME

A conversation with 8 inhabitants

on the magic Island Koh Phangan

“After you’ve been travelinng for a while, home becomes where you are with like minded people.”

Koh Phangan, an island famous for its full moon party, as well as being a spiritual healing paradise.

When the covid-19 pendamic broke out through out the globe, the inhabitants found themselves facing a decision: to leave or stay? During these long months of quite time, passing of time becomes oblivion, and sense of home becomes ambiguous.

Where is home? Is it where we are now? Is it where we will fly back to?
Is it the past? The now? Or the future?

I want to know their definition of home, in the same time it’s also a question to my self: where is my home? And where do I feel belonged?

“You know what they say... that the whole island sits on a gigantic rose quartz, that’s why every emotion is magnified here.”